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Program Description

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New WheelYour job is to get results and develop people.  You’re good at getting results, but…

Do the people sometimes seem like aliens from a different planet?  When you talk, do you get blank stares, or worse yet, nods in agreement then things continue in the same ways with no change?  Aggravating, to say the least.  How much time and effort is invested trying to get employees to perform at a higher level?  How much additional stress do you have due to these alien life forms?

Imagine this scenario.  A team of individuals is aligned from a belief, purpose and cause perspective, moving in the same direction towards the same goals and aspirations.  A truly interdependent work force.  Help is here.  The UFO Process, Utilizing Freakness Optimization, is an innovative, strategic process to optimize individual and organizational performances and reach Idealness, the Optimal Results.

Understand the aliens, speak the same language, get them moving in your direction so you can optimize results.  Understand their Freakness (what makes them unique and remarkable), align it with the team and the organization Freakness.  Learn the three avenues towards achieving optimal performance which we call Idealness (the ideal state of being) or Optimal Results.

The chasm between employees and management comes from three primary issues: lack of clarity, lack of engagement, and lack of innovation.  These are the three biggest issues in business today.  The UFO Process teaches you how to overcome these issues and address many more.

Outcomes of this presentation:

  • Understand your Freakness, purpose, beliefs, cause
  • Determine your organization’s Freakness
  • Make better hiring decisions based on shared Freakness
  • Decrease the frustration of miscommunication
  • Simplify processes to be more effective
  • Reduce turnover by creating more engaged employees
  • Decrease the amount of time needed to “motivate” employees
  • Increase self esteem of employees
  • Create more excited and energized work teams

There are four strategic areas that will help your organization reach optimization.  Understand these key areas and how to best utilize then lead on to the UFO Process2destination, Idealness.

Freakness – your essence, your DNA, why you exist, a combination of beliefs, purpose and causes

Freakness is what makes you unique and remarkable.  It’s why you exist, why you show up every day, and what’s inside of you (or your team or organization) that makes you unique, powerful and able to optimize your performance to reach Optimal Results or Idealness.

Innovation – something new; changes in anything established

Innovation is the ability to create new ideas, services, products and procedures to improve what we do and how we do it.  The goal is to not only develop skills and abilities that lead to being innovative both professionally and personally, but also develop the mind set and culture in which innovation flourishes.

Clarity – clear perspective and communicating that to others

Clarity is the ability to see where you are going, to have a target.  It also entails the ability to see where you are, to see what the situation really is.  Add the ability to communicate that clearly to others and you have synchronicity.

Engagement – become involved and committed

Being engaged means that your head and heart are in the game.  You care about the organization and what is happening.  You feel like you are part of something bigger.  You feel like you belong, like you are contributing.  Having an engaged team leads to greater prosperity for the individuals, the team, the organization, and the customers.

Freakness Optimization: making the most of what you have and what you believe.  Maximizing talent, passion and cause to reach optimal results, to a state of Idealness.