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Your organization has a case of the Blahs, Ho Hums or Funkies. That’s not going to help you realize your business goals. Our exclusive Symptom Checker will help you see where your organization needs clarity.

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Our proven methods help you discover new insights about your organization in four key areas: People, Processes, Targets, and Communication. This process uncovers the barriers keeping you from reaching your potential.

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The Best Road to Success? Your People.

They don’t call Frank Keck “The People Whisperer” for nothing! Frank is passionate about people and companies rising to meet their ultimate potential. Frank Keck, founder of Excellerant, can be your catalyst in the pursuit of personal, professional or organizational Idealness.

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The People Whisperer

The Chief Freakness Officer. Frank believes each person and organization could live a life unleashed if thought to think and pursue awareness. His passion for clarity, engagement, and innovation drives his work with both individuals and businesses. He is dedicated to pursuing Idealness for himself and is at the ready to be a catalyst in your pursuit.

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Uncover what you were designed to do in an interactive, engaging experience.

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